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Southern California Restraining Orders Attorney

A restraining order is an order of protection that prohibits the person whose name appears on the order (the respondent) from making contact or coming within a certain distance to the person who filed the restraining order (the petitioner). Restraining orders are commonly filed by victims of domestic violence, abuse, harassment, or stalking. If you have been served with a restraining order, you should consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible, especially if you feel you have done nothing to warrant the restraining order. A knowledgeable Orange County restraining order attorney like Mark Devore can protect your rights, and make sure a restraining order is not unjustly issued in your name. Very often angry spouses or disgruntled girlfriends/boyfriends file for restraining orders for the wrong reasons. Attorney Mark Devore ensures that restraining orders are not filed against you on frivolous or unlawful grounds.

Attorney Mark Devore also represents people throughout Orange County who have violated the terms of their restraining order. A restraining order violation is a serious offense that will not be overlooked. Even if a restraining order is based on invalid or erroneous claims, you can still be punished for violating a restraining order. Common penalties for a restraining order violation include prison/jail sentences, a fine of $1000, or additional felony or misdemeanor charges.

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Whether you have violated your restraining order, or if you feel you were unjustly served a restraining order, Orange County restraining order attorney Mark S. Devore can help. Having a restraining order issued in your name can have a significant adverse effect on your relationships with your family, friends, and loved ones. Attorney Devore understands how important these relationships are, and does everything in his power to ensure your relationships do not suffer because of false accusations.

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