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Southern California Domestic Violence Attorney

When the member of a household inflicts physical or psychological harm onto another member of the same household it is considered the criminal act of domestic violence. The threat to inflict physical or psychological harm is also a widely accepted form of domestic violence as well. In fact, the term “domestic violence” encompasses a variety of criminal acts, such as assault, battery, sexual assault, threats, harassment, abuse, manipulation, and stalking.

Domestic violence is a crime that plagues spouses, children, siblings, roommates, grandparents, and couples throughout Orange County. Prosecutors and judges in Orange County have no tolerance for acts of domestic violence, and punish convicted offenders with several legal penalties. In addition to fines, probation, incarceration, and mandatory behavior counseling, you may also be slapped with a restraining order and lose the right to live at your own home or to see your loved ones, including your children.

Orange County Domestic Violence Attorney

Although domestic violence is a serious crime that should be investigated and taken seriously, it is also one of the easiest crimes to fabricate. It doesn’t take much for a disgruntled spouse or angry child to make false statements to the police. If you have been accused of domestic violence, a skilled and trained OrangeCountydomestic violence attorney can help.

Attorney Mark S. Devore is committed to fully investigating his domestic violence accusations made against his clients, and works relentlessly to gather evidence and testimony that work in his clients favor. In addition, Mr. Devore builds solid, credible defense cases, negotiates with the prosecution, and combines his knowledge of the law with his skills of persuasion to convince judges and juries of his clients’ innocence. Orange County domestic violence attorney Mark S. Devore’s main concern has always been to protect his clients’ rights to the best of his ability, and see to it that they obtain a winning verdict in court.

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