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If you have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor crime, you have the right to appeal your conviction. A criminal appeal is a request for the Court of Appeals to reopen or review a case that has already been decided and concluded. Criminal appeals aim to reverse, challenge, or overturn a conviction by re-examining errors made during the original trial. Most people seek an appeal if they feel a mistake was made during the trial, if their rights were violated, or if they are displeased with the outcome of the trial.

Other common grounds for criminal appeal in Southern California include:

  • Errors of law/ legal errors
  • Change of law
  • Jury Instruction error
  • Error regarding admission / exclusion of certain evidence
  • Violation of sentencing rules
  • Failure of trial court to “strike” a strike or other prior conviction
  • Incorrect rulings by trial court on pre-trial matters
  • Ineffective assistance of counsel
  • Discovery of new evidence
  • Failure to follow proper courtroom procedures

It’s important to remember that an appeal is not a new trial and does not determine whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty. During a criminal appeal there is no jury, and no new evidence or testimony may be submitted for review. The decision to overturn or reverse an official court order is solely based on the written briefs filed by both attorneys, and the records from the original trial, such as the court transcripts and anything that was submitted as evidence.

If the Court of Appeal determines that an error was made or the defendant’s rights were violated, then the case is sent back to the lower courts for retrial or re-sentencing. An appeal can also result in a reversal of a conviction, a dismissal of evidence, or a reduction of penalties.

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If you would like to request an appeal, you must contact an experienced Southern California appellate lawyer immediately. You only have 30 days from the date of the court judgment/order to file an appeal for a misdemeanor criminal conviction, and 60 days to file an appeal for a felony criminal conviction.

Criminal appeals are a huge undertaking, and require the attention of an attorney that excels in appellate law. Southern California criminal appeals attorney Mark Devore is extremely well-practiced in this complicated area of the law, and has the resources and experience to successfully handle any appellate case. Attorney Devore personally reviews the original court documents to search for potential grounds for appeal. In addition, Attorney Devore uses his knowledge and expertise of the law to present his clients with viable options, and help them determine the best way to proceed in order to get their conviction overturned or reversed.

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