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If a person fails to appear in court then a judge will issue a bench warrant in his or her name. A bench warrant is a court-issued document that is used to bring people into court who have failed to appear and handle their pending legal actions. Once a bench warrant has been issued in your name, police officers have the right to arrest and detain you on the spot.

There are a variety of actions in which a bench warrant may be issued, such as:

  • Failure to pay a fine, citation, or court fee
  • Failure to appear in court at a scheduled date
  • Failure to show proof of progress or completion of a court order
  • Failure to appear after being release from custody

In addition to getting arrested and put in jail, there are a number of legal consequences you will face either before or after a bench warrant has been issued. These penalties include the suspension of your driver’s license, probation, increased fines, or denial of bail for future offenses.

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Bench warrants become effective the moment they are issued. As soon as you realize that a bench warrant has been issued in your name, it’s vital that you contact an experienced Orange County bench warrant attorney like Mark Devore. With a bench warrant actively issued in your name, you could be arrested and detained at any moment. Attorney Mark Devore can help you file important court documents, guide you through the necessary legal steps, and negotiate for a dismissal of any new penalties.

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