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The Law Offices of Mark S. Devore, APC provides professional criminal defense representation to people throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Widely-recognized for his knowledge, skill, and integrity, Mr. Devore has been highly praised by judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys throughout the nation. Attorney Devore takes his role as a Los Angeles & Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney seriously, and invests 100% of his time, energy, and resources into developing compelling defense cases and protecting his clients’ best interest.

Backed by Results

For over twenty-five years, Los Angeles & Orange County criminal defense attorney Mark Devore has dedicated his legal career to representing accused individuals in state and federal prosecutions. Attorney Devore feels an obligation to his clients to fully investigate the circumstances surrounding their case, and to keep them well-informed throughout the entire legal process. He firmly believes that the constitutional right to legal counsel requires more than simply having an attorney at your side, but rather having a skilled advocate and counselor, who is committed to providing you with the most zealous and effective presentation of your case. Attorney Devore is dedicated to achieving success for his clients.

  • Court of Appeal Unanimous Reversal People v K.P. (Santa Ana)
  • Cases Dismissed People v S.F. – (Westminster and Newport Beach)
  • New Trial Ordered People v. A. H. (Fresno)
  • Case Dismissed People v. A.H. (Santa Ana)
  • New Sentencing Ordered People v. A.L. (Los Angeles)
  • New Trial Ordered People v. A.M. (Santa Ana)
  • Charges Reduced People v. A.P.
  • Court of Appeal Unanimous Reversal People v. A.R. (Los Angeles)
  • New Sentencing Ordered People v. AB (Los Angeles)
  • Sentenced to New Lower Term People v. AD (Los Angeles)

Defending Clients Charged With All Crimes in State and Federal Court

Los Angeles & Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Devore focuses his practice exclusively on defending individuals charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes. Through his years of experience in criminal justice, Attorney Devore is highly familiar with the Los Angeles & Orange County Courthouses, and understands the most effective strategies and negotiating tactics for achieving a winning result. Attorney Devore has successfully defended clients throughout Los Angeles & Orange County charged with a variety of crimes, such as DUI, domestic violence, theft, drug crimes, sex crimes, juvenile crimes, probation violations, restraining orders, and traffic violations. In addition, Attorney Devore also provides legal services in the area of criminal appeals, expungements, three strikes law, and bench warrants.

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